About  the Artist

Lexx Marie has been an artist as long as she can remember. It was something that always came easy and effortlessly peaceful to her. Whether sketching or choreography or finding odd angles for photography, any art medium was something that she thrived for. However, in 2015 she decided to take a leap of faith that she had never considered despite her love for art. She was finding herself more and more sketching instead of note taking at her work meetings, which even caught the eye of her coworkers. After being asked to be a creative mind in sketching tattoo designs for people, and after seeing that being intentional with her photography she produced work that she had never seen, the leap turned more into a push. With the love and support of her family and select friends, she resigned from her government job and took on full-time entrepreneurship doing henna and photography, while learning the art of tattoos. In late 2017 she did in fact tattoo for the first time, and was convinced it was something she could do until she was ready to retire, if ever! The art of tattooing has become the main art medium performed here at Lexx Marie Arts, and it the medium that has truly driven the passion to create a space unlike any other. When you book with Lexx Marie, it's not meant to be a transactional exchange. Instead, its meant to be a collaborative project between artist and canvass, with the goal creating a beautiful and meaningful piece of art and experience. 

At Lexx Marie we believe that energy transfer and exchange is a very real thing, especially with the intimacy of tattooing. As a tattoo artist, Lexx understands that getting permanent artwork can be intimidating, emotional, and a form of therapy to many. Because of this she strived to provide a space for you to feel safe, heard, and at peace from the moment you walk into the studio.

Since beginning her artistic career, there have been many ups and downs, many times she questioned if she was doing the right thing, and even if she was good enough to truly be successful in this industry. But as of April 1, 2021, she is now the proud artist and curator of her own studio location in The Bay Area where she was born and raised.

Mission Statement

(Intentional Vibe of the Studio Space)

Lexx Marie has always treasured the deeper meaning of art, especially photography and body art. Energy is real and is exchanged with every interaction we make with others. She believes the art of tattooing is something sacred, a bond between two people for life. The art form is ancient and continues to grow and flourish through generations. Because of this she is very intentional with the energy that is given and presented at Lexx Marie Arts Studio.

Photography holds the same type of energy for Lexx. She treasures the art form because of its raw elements. As they say, a photo is worth a thousand words, but in reality, a photo can last over many lifetimes and be interpreted by countless amounts of people, especially now with modern technology. Photography is something that is used to capture emotion, to capture special moments in time, and to have a reference for the future generations to come. 

Henna was introduced to Lexx in late 2013, and the rich history and science behind the natural art form was what struck her and kept her passionate. This too is an ancient form of art, with rich history that extends back to ancient Egypt and beyond. Henna is used for many occasions, but Lexx has ultimately understood that Henna is celebration. Celebrating beauty, celebrating love, celebrating others, and celebrating ourselves! The journey you take with henna from the time you are getting ready for adornment, to watching it fade away slowly a few weeks later, is a relaxing and gratifying journey that anyone can enjoy.

The Lexx Marie Arts & Photography Studio space is meant the make you feel safe, welcome, worthy. It's meant to be a space where you can release your worries at the door and feel a positive energy that allows you to be at peace in the form of art. Whether you've booked a photoshoot, a tattoo, or even a henna themed group gathering, Lexx truly hopes you thoroughly enjoy your time in her space that was curated with you and your energy in mind.