Pricing Scale Mission for Tattoos

  Lowest: $110      $125      $158      $170    $200 :Highest

I've always been one to root for the underdog in situations. Whoever is the oppressed, I'm team them. So when I started to really sit down and consider pricing for my tattoo business, I couldn't help but to think in depth of a way I could do this ethically with hard facts and passion behind it. As a woman, I deal with being an underdog in tons of situations daily, and being a black woman tattoo artist I've also seen how much could be against me when it came to advancing in my career. One thing I couldn't get away from was an article I read about the gender wage gap earnings in the US. On average, women as a whole only make about $0.82 to the $1 made by men and depending on ethnicity, as low as $0.53 to the $1 earned by men. With this system I am allowing my clients to choose the hourly pricing that they would like to pay, while also seeing how the wage gap is extremely unbalanced. In addition to this, for every client who chooses to be at the rate of over $150 per hour, I'll be donating a portion of each hour booked to giving back to the community in various ways (donating to local youth organizations, holding free events and workshops to help with entrepreneurial and life skills, etc.). Some will not agree with this approach I've decided to take , and I am understanding of that. However, my space is one that provides energy for like minded individuals who believe that equality is for everyone, for those who know that oppression is live and well for certain people in this country, and for those who believe that change starts at home, in our community, as individuals. Art for me is expression, and my passion is to express how I feel. when it comes to this country's economy, it seems unethical to charge everyone the same price for the same service, when we do not get paid the same for doing the same work in most cases. So with this sliding scale I am hoping to bring awareness about the uneven wage gap between gender and ethnicity of individuals.

For reference, I've attached the most recently fact checked articles and will update quarterly if changes have been made.